World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)


WLCU comprises the named members spread in the following geographical regions:

    • Africa
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Brazil
    • Europe
    • Spanish America & the Caribbean
    • USA & Canada
  • Members, in the said regions, will comply with the objectives of WLCU. The basic constitutional law and internal regulations of WLCU become applicable to the members through their mere affiliation to it. The conditions and terms for the affiliation of chapters, clubs, societies, confederations, institutions and unions to WLCU are defined in the internal regulations.
  • Committees of the geographical regions are empowered to execute the decisions of the World Conference, and to coordinate the work and decisions of the National and State Councils in each geographical region and to ensure cooperation and integration between all parties.
  • Committees of the geographical regions shall document their internal regulations having consideration for the objectives of WLCU and abiding by the World Constitutional Basic Bylaws and World Internal Regulations and civil laws of the host countries. A copy of the regulations shall be signified to the World Secretariat General.


World Lebanese Cultural Union

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