World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

Communications Committee

Chairperson Toni Kaddissi (Lebanon)

The Communications Committee was created to promote a more enlightened public understanding of the structure, objectives, and accomplishments of the WLCU.

The mission of The Communications Committee for the WLCU is to facilitate the interchange of information among Lebanese civil society, Diaspora and the WLCU.

Goals & Objectives

The Communications Committee seek acceleration in the uses of information systems, including improved methods of communication as well as better understanding of the WLCU’ multiple purposes, its complex structures, and its wide range of accomplishments.

Our objectives are:

  1. To increase support for the WLCU in its programs.
  2. To promote the continuing development of the WLCU as an effective, transparent, and democratic representative of all the Lebanese, around the world; and,
  3. To enhance the growing role of Lebanese Diaspora in achieving these objectives.




World Lebanese Cultural Union

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