World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

The Business and Economic Committee

Chairperson Antoine Menassa (France)

The WLCU created the Business Committee to inter-connect the world wide Lebanese business community and to encourage this community to invest in Lebanon, to help exporting goods made in Lebanon and to particiapte in national and international economic forum

10 October 2010 The chairman of the business and economic committee in the World Lebanese Cultural Union, Mr Antoine Menassa, met the responsible of the municipality of Tripoli and the local committees and launches the project of the rehabilitation of the Tripoli railway station.

15 October 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa assisted at the New Arabs Women Forum association (NAWF) at the Hotel Phoenicia in Beirut with the World President of the WLCU Mr Eid Chedrawi.

10 February 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa, lunch in Paris, with the ASPT (Association pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine de Tripoli) the champagne for the rehabilitation of the Tripoli railway station, in the presence of Mr. Elias Khlat , Mme Chahhal Tadmouri president of the ASPT association, and responsible of the Lebanese Embassy in France.

May - June 2010 : visit of Mr Menassa to  British Columbia - Canada

Vancouver: WLCU-BCC President Jamalle Zarifeh,had a dinner in honour of Mr Menassa visit to the city attended by the President of LCS of BC Mr Georges Rouhana and board members.
Reception at st Georges Melkite grec catholic church: Father Basha welcomed Mr Menassa as he is visiting the Parish in Vancouver.

Seattle: a visit to Seattle where he met with some Leaders of the Lebanese Community.

21/22 July 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa, attended the forum of the Arab businessmen organized by IDAL and the committee of the economic and business, assisted to this forum minister Abboud, and the personality of the Arab businessmen.

25 August 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa arranged  the dinner held by the WP of the WLCU Eid Chedrawi on the honor of the Mufti of Tripoli and the North of Lebanon Cheikh Malek Al Chaar.

14 October 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa(representing WP) along with Georges Faddoul(PIRC representative) hosted the Phoenician boat on his arrival to Sidon port in south of Lebanon accompanied with Mr Nagi Farah president of RJLIBAN association affiliated to the WLCU in France.

15 October 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa accompanying the WP Eid Chedrawi  attended the welcoming reception of the PHOENICIAN boat at Beirut port, prepared by the PIRC.

20 October 2010 Mr. Antoine Menassa prepared and organized the arrival of the PHOENICIAN boat to Tripoli Mina, was present at the arrival, the WP Eid Chedrawi,PIRC representative Eng Georges Faddoul,  the president of the Tripoli EL Mina municipality, responsible of the Tripoli Lions club, and personality of the region.

25 October 2010 Mr. Menassa met Minister of Tourism Fadi Abboud and Minister Salim Wardeh to prepare the project of “TOUR DE FRANCE DU LIBAN “ organized by HALFA (association des homes d’affaires Libanais en France), member of the French council of WLCU in France

26 October 2010 Mr. Menassa met the president and the board of the Lebanese chamber of commerce, to discuss the way to participate to the project of “TOUR DE FRANCE DU LIBAN”.


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