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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

August-September 2013 - Volume 2013, No.08


The Creation of the Latin American Center for Lebanese Studies
By Sergio Jalil, Founder of the Center
(Learn more about Sergio Jalil)

Since my early childhood, following my Dad’s footsteps, I have defended the Lebanese cause, its identity and culture within our own community and exposing it to the non-Lebanese, striving to advance the message and promote our heritage. Early on I understood that to achieve a lasting effect and serious impact, education and proper formation were instrumental to achieve success for the life mission that I imposed on myself.

I dedicated many years of my graduate and post-graduate studies, learning about Lebanon and specializing in Middle Eastern International Politics academically with scientific methodology, but also in the simplest way, by travelling to Lebanon many times, to get to know its people, language, expressions, customs and traditions and to understand its reality.

Throughout the years I established relationships with thousand of Lebanese emigrants and its descendants in different countries of the world, having been connected to the World Lebanese Cultural Union since my childhood through the active participation of my father and later on my own, by the founding of the WLCU YOUTH COMMITTEE and the organization of its first World Congress in Uruguay in 1986, and the second in the Dominican Republic in 1987, and also actively participating in the third (Brasilia 1991) fourth (Mexico 1992) and fifth Congress (Lebanon, 1993) 

During 15 years I worked for Bank Audi in New York (one of the largest Lebanese financial institutions) which allowed me to better understand the economic and financial reality of Lebanon and the true influence of foreign investments and the economic participation of the emigrants in the Lebanese life.

I have also had the opportunity to interview and meet personally many of the political, social and religious leaders and personalities from the most diverse parties, groups and organizations and regions of Lebanon , which allowed me to understand their political ideas and psychology, their positions and ideological inclinations.

But more than anything, I met the Lebanese, from all sects and diverse towns, villages and regions, in the most pure expression. Those who emigrated, those who never left Lebanon, some who returned and some who are no longer with us, but left a lasting legacy and clear national identity.

I have not been very active in the WLCU for many years now, however I always stayed in touch with the many friends I have met through the many years in which I worked for the institution.

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Story of the Month

The story of the famous Chinese Doctor during the revolution:The  Lebanese American Doctor Shafick George Hatem from Hammana

Ma Haide, born Shafick George Hatem in New York, became a citizen of the People's Republic of China since 1949. He was a doctor and public health official in China from 1933 until his death.
In the early 1930s, with financial help from the parents of one of his friends, he and several others set off to Shanghai to establish a medical practice to concentrate on venereal diseases, as well as basic health care for the needy.
It was in Shanghai that he met the well known journalist, Agnes Smedley, who introduced him to Liu Ting, a member of the Communist Party of China. In 1936, he closed his practice and went to Xi'an to provide medical service to the Communist troops.
In the summer of 1936, Ma travelled to the Communist headquarters at Bao'an (present-day Zhidan). He was accompanied by the pioneering American journalist Edgar Snow. At Hatem's request, he was not explicitly mentioned in the first edition of Snow's famous book, Red Star Over China.


Quote of the Month

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can as long as you ever can.
(courtesy “Hike of Hope”)


To Dr Rabih Nemr, from New York, for Joining the WLCU ECOSOC committee, and for acquiring his personal ID card from the United Nations (UN).


Here, There and Yonder

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Culture & Multiculturalism

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Interviews & Profiles

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Economy in Lebanon

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Lebanese Emigration

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Roots and Wings

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Various Publications

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United Nations(UN) News

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