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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

October 2013 - Volume 2013, No.09


Our heritage is an important part of our identity
By Nazam Anhar Editor of the Cedar World

It is a great privilege to have this opportunity to write an editorial for the WLCU Online newsletter. All of the team at CedarWorld magazine would like to thank The Lebanese Heritage for this opportunity and the generous support of the WLCU–British Columbia Council. We have the greatest appreciation for the work which the WLCU does to promote our Lebanese heritage. I have always been interested in the history and culture of Lebanon, the land where my parents were born. I am a member of the Lebanese-Australian community, and a children’s author. My first book Milad: The Voyage to Ophir, is set in the world of the ancient Phoenicians. I was very pleased to have a chance to write about a Phoenician boy who is the hero of an adventure story, and show a positive image of Lebanese history. In this story I wanted to show the many important contributions which the Phoenicians made to world civilization. It was also my goal to celebrate the achievements of people of Lebanese heritage all around the world, when I started my magazine, CedarWorld. Through this magazine I hope to show the contributions they have made in all areas of life in their communities, and how they enriched the culture of the lands where they have settled. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to share the stories of many distinguished people, including scientists, artists, writers and musicians, and many more – from many lands, all linked by their Lebanese heritage. I hope that CedarWorld will be entertaining to read, as well as informative. Our first issue featured the story of the Phoenicia Expedition, with a picture of this ship on the cover. I thought that this was a good symbol of how the Lebanese have travelled to so many different parts of the world, and the influence they have had as explorers, creators, and inventors. In our latest issue, we feature an article about Dr Charles Elachi, mission director at NASA, who describes the explorers of space as the modern-day Phoenicians. This legacy of discovery and innovation is something we should be proud to celebrate within our own community, and present to the wider world to show a true image of our Lebanese heritage.

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Story of the Month

The story of Fadel Hatoum in the Bolivian territory of Acre (Brazil)

Early in the 20th century, at the height of the “rubber boom,” my paternal grandfather Fadel Hatoum traveled from Beirut to the then Bolivian territory of Acre, where he traded goods on a river between the cities of Rio Branco and Xapurí. He was one of the first to migrate in my family. Eight years later, he returned to Beirut with images and words of the Amazon, which he passed onto his children and relatives. 
They say he told Kafkaesque stories of shipwrecks, duels, floods, epidemics, hunting in the forest and fishing in hidden lakes; they also say that, before he died in Beirut, surrounded by a bunch of children and relatives, he named a countless number of Amazonian fish and animals. One episode narrated by my grandfather Fadel - and recollected by my father – has a tragicomic pitch: he said that, before landing in the port of the Acre river, he found himself in the middle of a shootout. He jumped off the boat he was on, swam to the riverbank, and crawled toward the forest. My grandfather was crouched down amidst the plants and leaves when someone gave him a Winchester rifle and shouted: “Long live Acre’s revolution.” He then started shooting at the other side of the river. Unbeknownst to my grandfather, he was taking part in the final battle against the Bolivians, who were defeated and lost a vast territory. Shortly after, the Brazilian state definitively annexed this one-time Bolivian territory. 

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Quote of the Month

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
(By Charles Spurgeon)


To our friend Eng. Charbel Sarkis  for his masters of Business Administration from the prestigious University of Melbourne Australia.
Charbel is the founder of Cedars Wing,
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