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The Lebanese Heritage
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May 2013 - Volume 2013, No.05


THE WLCU – A Sailing Ship for the 12 Million Lebanese Who Live Abroad

By P.Eng. Charbell Letef, Co-founder of the WLCU-BC Council
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History with its twisted directions has taken its heavy toll on the Lebanese people and on the Lebanese nation and it is now up to the Lebanese Diaspora at large to collectively unite under one bond to save Lebanon. The bond is none other than the pure love of a country that proudly gives its citizens the sacred privilege of being “Lebanese”. True Lebanese émigrés never leave Lebanon with their souls even though they chose or more accurately were forced to leave their original homeland country and to immigrate abroad to another welcoming country. They simply left Lebanon in body alone seeking their God given rights to live free, happy and prosperous which they could not exercise and ascertain in their home country. After all how can one love a country and leave it with all the capacities of the heart and the soul? There has to be a compromise whereby the soul always gravitates towards that love, towards that country and towards that nation. The alternative is the absence of that love and therefore no associated feelings towards any gravitation whatsoever. There really is no point in nurturing what is not there in the first place: it is either you love Lebanon or you don’t. That said then this is not only an appeal to those who believe in the Lebanese identity but more importantly to those who love their chosen Lebanese communities. Loving a country with perfect action reflects the genuine nationalistic feeling of a citizen whether patriotic or not. Only with that kind of love, that person merits the title of a true citizen. Some may call this appeal a refined nostalgia or living in the past but the reality remains that if you love someone you will do your best to make that person happy. And if you love your land, then you will do your best to protect that land. And if you love your Lebanon, then you will do your best to protect your Lebanon. For what else is there beyond Love? Those who understand the Bible should know this. Even after 2000 years philosophizing, the world constantly reminds us of our Lord’s and Shepherd’s divine and timeless message with the utmost clarity: His message of love. For when you have love, everything else follows be it actions, charity, generosity, leadership, patriotism, protection, resistance, sacrifice, thoughts, zeal …etc. What then does the love of Lebanon has to do with a sailing ship called The World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU).

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Story of the Month

A Visit To Mount Olivet Cemetery In Halifax, Nova Scotia | By Dr. Josyann Abisaab
Paying respect at my great grandfather’s grave on the Titanic’s 100thAnniversary April 14, 2012 With mild trepidation albeit greater conviction, I booked a last minute round trip ticket from New York to Halifax this past weekend. After landing, I hopped in a taxi asking the friendly driver to stop at a flower shop on my way to the Mount Olivet Cemetery. While he was patiently waiting for me outside the store, I fretted over what kind of flowers to lay at my ancestor’s grave. For a moment, I thought of purchasing beautiful white orchids, which would last longer after I had left. Wondering if orchids existed in northern Lebanon, I opted to play it safe and get white and yellow daisies, reminiscent of the wild marguerite flowers found in my great grandfather’s village of Thoum. 
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Quote of the Month

“A person cannot do right in one department of life, whilst attempting to do wrong in another department. Life is one indivisible whole”. Ghandi


  • Congratulations to our Member Dr Elie H. Sarraf, PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia
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Congratulations To Dany and Waad Chaho for the newborn Baby Girl Marybelle


Here, There and Yonder

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Culture & Multiculturalism

Interviews & Profiles

  • Charbell B. Letèf, his journey with the Classical Guitar
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Economy in Lebanon

Lebanese Emigration

  • Dr. Akram Khater honored by the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC)
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  • Emigration from a Lebanese Village: A Case Study of Bishmizzine (By PATRICIA NABTI)
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Roots and Wings

  • Roots will be with you always - BY: GHASSAN HAGE
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  • Lebanese roots deep in Canada (By: Chama Tasse)
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Various Publications

  • JOHN SMITH TRUST RULE OF LAW FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME 1st November to 21st November 2013
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WLCU Archives

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United Nations(UN) News

  • The UN DPI/NGO World Conference postponed to next year 2014.
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  • UN Secretary-General's Message for International Day of Families May 15, 2013:
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  • DPI/NGO Annual Orientation Programme
    NGO Relations Section – Department of Public Information
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