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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

June 2014 - Volume 2014, No.6


Lebanon : Awakening the Roots, Planting the Seeds
By Frida Anbar, M.Sc., International Relations Officer, Université de Montréal and Writer  

It's a real challenge to land in Lebanon without hiding few tears. They are spontaneous, unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable. Indeed, glimpsing at the white Beirut buildings, sparkling turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the gorgeous mountains, make every Lebanese returning to the country invaded by a wave of melancholy. The feeling is strong. It indicates the arrival in the country of the strongest emotions, those of the native land.

In May 2014, more than 300 expatriates had the opportunity to live this experience since they arrived from five continents to participate in the first Lebanese Diaspora conference in the world. They responded to the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gibran Bassil who instituted a dialogue between those who left and those who stayed.

Some of them were visiting the country of their parents for the first time, others have not been back for 20 or 40 years. I had the privilege to be among them, coming from Montreal and  accompanying the delegation of the World Lebanese Cultural Union.

Thus, on the morning of May 30, Lebanese from within the country and abroad flocked to the Hilton Habtoor, Sin el Fil, where the event took place for two days. Each one carrying  hopes, dreams, wounds or the memory of a country and gathered

around the theme of sharing. Sharing success, ideas, projects, reforms, artistic and economical initiatives and ambitions so the country of the Cedars will begin a true shift toward the needs of the Diaspora. The aim, of course, is to realize actions with social, economical and cultural importance. The latter was expressed by the welcome speech of the Minister " Lebanese succeeded individually, but failed as a community. Our challenge will be to change the deal. "


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Story of the Month

Lebanese risk everything in perilous exodus from poverty
By Stephen Kalin

QABBAIT, Lebanon (Reuters) - Hussein Khodor sold his small poster shop in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli to pay the $80,000 cost of smuggling him and his family to Australia where he hoped to build a better life.

But the 44-year-old returned to his home in the nearby village of Qabbait on Sunday alone and empty-handed after the boat carrying his family sank off the southern coast of Indonesia, killing his wife and their eight children.

Despite the ordeal, Khodor says he will do everything possible to leave Lebanon again. "I cannot stay here any more. It's too hard," he said.

While the small Mediterranean country has become a refuge for more than a million people fleeing the civil war in neighboring Syria, some native Lebanese are desperate to leave, especially those from the impoverished northern Akkar region where violence spilling over from Syria has surged this year.


Quote of the Month

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
― Andre’ Gide

Little Gazette!

  • An interview with Ricardo Karam, an accomplished writer, and active speaker and mediator in key economic, cultural and media forums.
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Here, There and Yonder

  • Dr Mohamed El-choum (New York) visited British Columbia, from May 28 to June 1/ 2014 and celebrated the accomplishment of Mr Pierre Ahmaranian.
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  • Lebanon, always on my mind, an evening with Pierre Ahmaranian at the Vancouver Public library.
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  • Restaurant review: John Gilchrist tries Aida's, a Lebanese restaurant in Mission that has been around since 2000.
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  • Genesis-Lebanon Land for Dialogue among Civilizations & Cultures Initiative
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Interviews & Profiles

  • I am a man fighting for women's rights in the Middle East: any questions?
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  • Naïm Abou-Jaoudé - CEO & Chairman of the Executive Committee CANDRIAM
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Culture & Multiculturalism

Economy in Lebanon

  • Is Beirut really top city for international real estate investment? A mixed reactions from economists and businessmen.
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  • Lebanon's debt grows with political stalemate, By Sami Nader
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  • "We do not have a star system; our corporate culture paid off" By Madison Marriage
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Lebanese Emigration

  • Historic Conference Successfully Concludes Work in Beirut. Five Hundred Attendees from Around the World.
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  • The WLCU delegations attended the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference in Beirut , organized by the Lebanese ministry of foreign affairs, from May 30 to June 1/ 2014.
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  • Lebanese and Syrians in Egypt. By ALBERT HOURANI
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Roots and Wings

  • Lebanese- Australian, Sid Chidiac from NY, represent the WLCU at the Department of public Information, and known as the Chocolate painter.
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  • Casey Kasem's Little-Known "Lewy body dementia" is Heartbreaking, Docs Say
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  • Casey Kasem was born on April 27, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Kemal Amin Kasem, he died on June 15, 2014 in Los Angeles.
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  • Lebanese -American and Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem dies at 82
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Various Publications

  • Discover one of the richest Lebanese Newsletter which is published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese
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WLCU Archives

  • WLCU- Medical Society, Or World Lebanese Medical Society (WLMS), proposals done by Dr fadi Dagher in June 2010 but never put into effect...
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  • AMERICAN LEBANESE GENERAL HOSPITAL. Was a vital project prepared by Dr Fadi Dagher to take place in 2012 in Lebanon, but the slow and corrupt bureaucratic system killed this project.
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United Nations(UN) News

  • Lebanon: Security Council urges speedy election amid presidential vacuum
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  • Lebanon: Ban appoints Italian Major General Portolano to head UN peacekeeping force
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  • At DC think tank, top UN official lays out challenges, priorities for future of peacekeeping
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