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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

July 2014 - Volume 2014, No.6


The LDC Initiative is a unifying cause for all Lebanese who believe in Lebanon’s vocation
By Edward J. Alam, Ph.D
Executing Officer/Director of Lebanon: Land of Dialogue
Notre Dame University-Louaize,Lebanon (NDU)

A very exciting and interesting Initiative began in June 2013 whereby several prominent Lebanese businessmen and academics met and selected Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) to lead an Initiative devoted to gaining United Nations (UN) recognition of Lebanon as a Land of Dialogue Among Civilizations and Cultures (LDC) by petitioning the UN mainly through an electronic petition among other instruments. The initiative posits that Lebanon has an eternal vocation to be a land of freedom, plurality and conviviality.

This unique goal -- to petition the UN to officially recognize Lebanon as such -- cannot be accomplished except via both institutional and organizational commitment and alliance and sincere engagement by the Lebanese communities and their friends in Lebanon and abroad.

Our strategy is to stimulate the engagement of Lebanese youth, students, academics and professionals in addition to civil society activists and the general public to lobby for Lebanon’s Dialogue Initiative and to motivate people of goodwill to join hands with us for the UN recognition of Lebanon as a Land of Dialogue.

This will not only be done through engagement of important business people and diplomats, internationally recognized academicians, and multi-cultural Liaison Officers, but also by engaging Lebanese, people of Lebanese descent, people who believe that Lebanon has this vocation, as well as people who believe in dialogue around the world who believe in Lebanon’s vocation of freedom, plurality and conviviality.

This Initiative is a unifying cause for all Lebanese who believe in Lebanon’s vocation. It is a tool to have the UN member states to designate Lebanon as a land for dialogue in an act of International solidarity with Lebanon.

We call upon each one of you to sign the petition http://chn.ge/SVwBrc, to inform, persuade and encourage family members, friends, and acquaintances around the world to sign the petition and to appeal to your representatives in the UN to vote “Yes” for Lebanon.

Learn more about Dr. Edward Alam

Edward J. Alam is a Full Professor at Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, in the Faculty of Humanities, where he has taught philosophy, cultural studies, and theology since 1996.  He was Director of International Academic Affairs at Notre Dame from 1999-2004. He is presently Secretary/Treasurer of the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies and General Secretary of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (www.crvp.org) while recently opening a new CRVP center at his home university in Lebanon. He has given key-note and plenary addresses at international conferences in Rome, Cape Coast,  Bangkok and Chicago, and major papers at international conferences in Beirut, Tehran, Qom, Shanghai, Phnom Penh, Hai Phong, Madrid, Uppsala, Siracusa, Washington D.C., Taipei, Ibadan, Awka, Addis Ababa, and Iasi.  He has participated in both organizing and giving papers at, international conferences in, Poland and the Ukraine and has traveled extensively in India, East and West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East promoting philosophical seminars that seek to address contemporary challenges by cultivating perennial values in various cultural heritages. He is founder and chairman of the Communio study group in Lebanon, and has published on Metaphysics and Mysticism in the Communio journal—one of some 30 published articles in international journals around the world; he has published two major books; one on the philosophical contributions of John Henry Newman, and another introductory work on the history of philosophy. He led the 2009 CRVP five-week intensive philosophy seminar in Washington, D.C., on the theme of the Sacred and the Secular, with a 12 member group of international philosophers, and gave a series of week-long lectures on Eschatology at the Wyoming  School of Catholic Thought in 2005, as well as the key note address in their nationally acclaimed lecture series in 2010.  Edward is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.  He is of Lebanese descent and a member of the Syriac Maronite Church, the oldest Eastern Catholic Church in the world.  His wife is Lebanese and they are the proud parents of four children. 




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Story of the Month

The most powerful Lebanese person alive
Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer explains how his roots allowed him to rise to the top
By Joe Dyke.     

Most days, Btaaboura is a soporific place. The north Lebanese village is home to only a few hundred residents, many of whom have long-since retired. On any given afternoon the hot topics of conversation are likely to be the weather, the neighbors and perhaps the renovations.

Yet if you happened to pass by on a late November afternoon three years ago, you would have been excused for thinking it was the center of the country. Processions of people waited by the roads as a cavalcade drove in, flanked by helicopters and endless security details. The media’s cameras were not far behind.

For on that day, a long-lost resident returned, and he was not just any old traveller. As vice president of Brazil, a country of nearly two hundred million people and the world’s seventh largest economy, Michel Temer has a strong claim to being the globe’s most powerful politician of Lebanese origins. Indeed when he met with President Michel Sleiman on that same trip, the Lebanese president joked about his own inferiority. “He said ‘you are more president of Lebanon than me as you have eight million, we have five million!’” Temer says, referencing the huge Lebanese–Brazilian population.

On that day, several hundred residents were treated to lunch outside where, in true Lebanese fashion, the guest was forced to eat far beyond his capacity or desire. “They keep putting it on your plate and you have to eat it,” Temer recalls with a wry grin.

In the end the four eldest worked, while the youngest quartet all trained as lawyers.


Quote of the Month

“Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”
 Haile Selassie (Ethiopian emperor, 1892-1975) 

Little Gazette!

  • JOHN PAUL II: Apostolic Letter to all the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the situation of Lebanon ( 7 septembre 1989).
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  • Address by H.E. General Michel Sleiman President of the REPUBLIC of LEBANON At the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly New York Tuesday, September 23, 2008.
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Lebanon a Land for Dialogue Petition Campaign
Join us to sign this petition If you believe  “that Lebanon is more than a country it is a message of freedom, a model of pluralism and a special space for dialogue and coexistence of different cultures, ethnicities and religions this  petition addressed to Mr Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary General to designate Lebanon as a Land for Dialogue among civilizations and cultures.

Dr Nick kahwaji (past WSG)
Member of the steering committee of LDC initiative


Here, There and Yonder


  • Lebanese-Armenian Art Critic: How to Commercialize and internationalize our Armenian National Culture.
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  • (Antoine Menassa, confirmed as the an Honorary Liaison Officer For France For The Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC)
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  • Living The Titanic: Leadership flaws causing titanic disasters, By Raed H. Charafeddine (First Vice-Governor Banque du Liban)
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Interviews & Profiles

  • Interview with Dr Nick Kahwaji (WLCU,Past WSG), member of the steering committee of the LDC (Lebanon: Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures)
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  • Interview with the Director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Centre, Dr. Guita Hourani, (Campaign Director of the LDC Initiative)
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Culture & Multiculturalism

  • The LDC Initiative organized and co-sponsored an International Conference at NDU, Lebanon titled “The Legacy of Chinua Achebe: Dialogical Explorations in Philosophy, Literature, and Politics”.
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  • Few Statements on Dialogue from Prominent Lebanese and other World Leaders.
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  • Presenting the LDC Initiative to the President of Lebanon (June 2013), Achievements and Current and planned Actions (2014)
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  • (Lebanon: Land of Dialogue Among Civilizations and Cultures (LDC) Initiative housed at: NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY-LOUAIZE, LEBANON (NDU
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  • Lebanon a land of dialogue? A Brazilian branch of the LDC has been launched under the leadership of Denise Milan
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Economy in Lebanon

  • Uber opens its doors to Beirut passengers, users can find nearby drivers on the in-app map
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  • Lebanon exports to Iraq to decline as security deteriorate, By Elias Sakr.
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  • Deficit overpowers Lebanon's draft budget,By Sami Nader.
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Lebanese Emigration

  • A home for everyone. Lebanon can learn from Brazil’s attitude to immigrants.
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  • How the Lebanese conquered Brazil? Success came through hard work and perseverance
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  • Muslim and Jewish communities make 10 to 15 percent of The Lebanese-Brazilians.
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  • Lebanese-Brazilian population somewhere between 3 and 6 percent of the country's populations of 200 million.
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Roots and Wings

  • Learn more about the Campaign Coordinator for “Lebanon: Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures” Initiative at Notre Dame University (NDU).
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  • Lebanese-Brazilian success story: Milton Hatoum, One of Brazil's most eminent contemporary writer
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  • Lebanese -Brazilian success story, the Sculptor and artist : Denize Milan
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  • Miguel Layun, a Lebanese in the Mexican football team
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Various Publications

  • Discover one of the richest Lebanese Newsletter which is published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese
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WLCU Archives

  • Regional meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.( 11-12 March 2000) Meeting of the North American Regional Committee and Honoring the Singer Wadih Assafi
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  • Invitation to Regional meeting of North American Region (U.S.A. and Canada) in Las Vegas March 11-12, 2000.
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  • The WLCU World Council Meeting in Mexico (May 2000), Organizational decisions, preparations for the next congress, follow up committees and patriotic recommendations.
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United Nations(UN) News

  • UN envoy denounces latest attack on Lebanese security forces (Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly )
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  • UNESCO highlights freedom of expression, media development in new report
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  • Challenges facing Lebanon highlight urgent need to fill presidential vacuum – UN envoy
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  • The 65th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, 2015 and Beyond.
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