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November December 2015 - Volume 2015, No.8


Resolution 2016: Nature’ Rights contribute to Human Rights

By Dr Alain-Michel Ayache

Each year, millions of people decide to take new resolutions to start the New Year. This 2016 edition is no different from the previous ones, however, mankind should take a serious resolution this upcoming year since humanity is facing a great challenge that is safeguarding Planet Earth from inner destruction.

Indeed, the climate change has become a menacing issue to the stability of our planet and ecosystem. Each year, regions across the globe encounter weird storms and high degrees of heat that were practically unknown to them and even to their fathers and grand-parents. The COP 21 meeting in Paris last month stressed on the need of urgently reducing CO2 emissions by advanced world but also helping third world countries and those in development enhancing their own control over such emissions.

CO2 Emission: Source of the current climate change

It is no secret to all that CO2 is largely contributing to weakening the Ozone layer, melting thus the Icebergs in the North Pole pushing toward the increasing of the sea level. If such a trend continues, many countries and regions will drastically change and big parts of them might go underwater, since their current level is almost by the sea level while a several years ago it was significantly above…

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Story of the Month

    The story of the Lebanese doctor in Diaspora began in the Americas. By Dr Philip Salem

    One of the distinctive features of our Lebanon, which is geographically crucified in the Orient between Israel, Syria, and the Mediterranean Sea...

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Quote of the Month

    Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

    Barack Obama

Little Gazette!

    UNITED NATIONS' universal declaration of human rights, and the need for for its revision and the right to health, By Dr. Philip A. Salem

    We are here tonight to celebrate the 67th Commemoration Day for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which constitutes one of the major achievements of the United Nations.

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Here, There and Yonder

  • Up coming AGM for the Lebanese Canadian Society of BC ( WLCU Vancouver Chapter)
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  • Remembering Eid Chedrawi, the irreplaceable. By Dr Antoine Bouabboud Harb
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  • Remembering the Late World president Shiekh Eid Chedrawi, By Farid Makarim (World Past president)
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  • Losing Aabrine, erasing a neighborhood on Aabrine street, in historic Ashrafieh, Beirut.
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  • Rose House opening to the public in Beirut.(All photos courtesy Tom Young)
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Interviews & Profiles

  • Lebanese-American Dr. Philip A. Salem, physician, researcher, educator and international statesman in cancer medicine.
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  • Dr. Salem Book “Cancer, Love and the Politics of Hope”
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Culture & Multiculturalism

  • Erasing memory in downtown Beirut.Has the redevelopment of the city's former hub eroded its history and privitised its future?
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  • South Lebanon's only Jewish cemetery gets a face-lift.An anonymous donor is funding efforts to restore a rundown Jewish cemetery in the city of Saida.
    Read more »
  • Uncovering Lebanon's Jewish past Amid controversy, efforts are under way to restore what few traces remain of Lebanon's once-vibrant Jewish community.
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  • Lebanese synagogue's (in the heart of Sidon's Jewish quarter )second life as home for destitute.
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Economy in Lebanon

  • Eko Atlantic City Project Attracts International Attention as a mega city project presided by Mr. Ronald Chagoury Jr
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  • Lebanese Emigrants Economic Conference in Beirut 2015 Promoting Social and Responsibility among Emigrants in Host Countries, By Antoine Menassa
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Lebanese Emigration

  • Analysis: Just as innocent - comparing Beirut and Paris. A Lebanese journalist asks why we categorise Lebanese victims as we mourn French ones.
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  • From Lebanon to Africa, a film by Filmmaker: Salah Cheaib.
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  • Lebanese -American Dr Michael Debakey - The Real Man Behind the Genius by Dr. Philip A. Salem
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Roots and Wings

  • Lebanese -American Barbara Massaad,Award winner of the international gourmand cookbook award.
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  • Lebanese American Chef, cookbook writer and food photographer Barbara Massaad in her new book, "Soup for Syria: A recipe to help refugees"
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Various Publications

WLCU Archives

  • Membership drive: A Chapter’s needed action in 2011, a call from WSG Dr Nick Kahwaji
    Read more »
  • Letter to Nadine Labaki from Antoine Ghanem the chairman of the Culture & Heritage Affairs committee(Oct 2011)
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United Nations(UN) News

  • UNESCO News: Women's and Girls' Education
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  • UN chief hails new climate change agreement as ”monumental triumph”
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  • Climate Action and Green Competitiveness
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