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The RMS Titanic is the most remembered non-war disaster of the twentieth century. The scope of the disaster was tragic in terms of the loss of lives and in terms of the devastation that the unsinkable masterpiece sunk. Men, women and children from various nationalities perished on that ill-fated day in April of 2012.

Among the various nationalities aboard the ship, there were people from Lebanon. They were like many of the voyagers, immigrants who were either returning from a trip home, or on route to America for the first time. Those who perished took their stories with them and those who survived recorded what they have experienced. However, much about the Lebanese aboard the Titanic remains unknown, especially their full list of names and place of birth.

The WLCU-British Colombia Council, the Irish-Lebanese Cultural Foundation and the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) at Notre Dame University thought that it is fitting to form a steering committee under the banner of the “International Lebanese Titanic Committee” (ILTC) that would try every possible way to identify the Lebanese aboard the Titanic and to unveil their names and story.

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Courtesy of the "Lebanon Migration Nucleus Museum" at LERC