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How Julie Ann Sageer, a Lebanese American descent from NY, became the famous Julie Tabboulie.

by User Not Found | Sep 21, 2014

Meet the famous Julie Tabboulie.

Julie Taboulie, Julie Sageer

Originally from Central New York, Julie Ann Sageer has always had a special fondness for food, especially the unique yet deliciously distinctive Middle Eastern food that she grew up on. To quote Julie Ann “our food has always been a big part of my life, it’s a part of my heritage and who I am today.” As a young Lebanese girl growing up in the suburbs of Liverpool, Julie Ann knew early on that she was just a little different, as she was enjoying dishes like hummus, babaganoush, tabouli, falafel and grape leaves. In fact, so much so that she garnered the nickname “Julie Taboulie” from her family, in which they still love calling her to this day, except only now they’ve graduated to Miss Tabouli!

Julie Ann’s cooking is drawn from her long list of remarkable cooks in the family, along with their timeless and traditional recipes, techniques and tried true tips that have all been thankfully bestowed and ingrained into her and thus the food that she creates. She attributes the launching of “Lebanese Cuisine” as being inspired by the breathtaking landscape of her homeland and the graciousness and inspiring energy of her people, (along with her biggest inspiration being her Mother of course), in presenting this delightful cuisine to people alike from all walks of life. Her vivaciousness in the kitchen is as comparable to the refreshing, vibrant and flavorful food that she shares, all the while in a lively, light-hearted and entertaining culinary environment. Julie Ann brings her fun loving personality to the “Lebanese Cuisine” Cooking Classes, Demo’s & Tasting Events that she hosts guiding the recipes along in a no non-sense, simplistic approach that are simple to follow, sure to please and even better to eat!

Born in the Unites States, this full-blooded, first generation’s life has nearly revolved around food and family her entire life. Whether it was her family’s restaurant, their own kitchen, one of her relative’s kitchens or sharing specialty dishes with the neighbor’s, one thing was constant; there was always lots of family and lots of great food around. Where a family might make one or two dishes for dinner, Julie Ann’s made three, four, sometimes even five, to them it was all about making the tastiest food for everyone to enjoy at that time. Therefore it was no surprise that Julie Ann started cooking at an early age and most of all helping out Mom in the kitchen. From filling and rolling grape leaves, mixing and taste testing tabouli to making the fresh pita bread with her Mom, she was just about getting her hands in a little bit of everything. So it was only a natural progression that now Julie Ann wants to share her legacy of delicious recipes and adoring love of her country’s food and culture with the masses.

Julie Ann comes from a large family (now who would have thought that?). Being the youngest of four children, Julie Ann has an older sister and two older brothers, along with forty-one first cousins alone, countless aunts and uncles (not to mention tons of other relatives who are somehow, in one way or another related to her too) and of course her two irresistibly adorable little nieces, Sophie Honey and Lola Josephine. Julie Ann enjoys dancing (to Arabic music of course) writing, traveling, smiling and laughing out loud!

Julie Ann Sageer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Broadcasting Communications from Long Island University at C.W. Post Campus.

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