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Important Announcement regarding the voting procedure of the Lebanese citizens registered in Canada for the upcoming elections on 29/04/2018

by WLCU Editor | Mar 29, 2018



Important Announcement Regarding the Voting Procedure of the Lebanese Citizens Registered in Canada for the Upcoming Elections on 29/04/2018

According to the Lebanese Election Law No. 44 dated 17/06/2017

  1. The Embassy of Lebanon in Ottawa has the pleasure to inform the Lebanese Citizens whose names are mentioned on the Electoral List to vote in Canada that the required documents for voting are, The identity card (plastic) or valid Lebanese passport.
  2. Those who have expired passport (Blue) can proceed with renewal for One year and will be “Strictly used for voting” (not valid for travel). The required documents are:
    • Current expired passport
    • Copy of an Extract of Individual or Family civil status
  3. Those who don’t have a passport can proceed with a new passport issuance for One year and will be “Strictly used for voting” (Not valid for travel). The required documents are:
    • Copy of an Extract of Individual or Family civil status
    • 2 recent photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm) with white background
    • Clear address in Lebanon and Canada with phone number

Fees for renewal or new passport: $0.75 Canadian Dollar which is equivalent to 1,000 Lebanese pounds (Only exact cash amount or Money Order in the name of “The Lebanese Embassy” will be accepted).
The Embassy of Lebanon also has the pleasure to inform all voters that the Canadian authorities exceptionally accepted to open voting polls outside the premises of Embassy of Lebanon in Ottawa, The General Consulate in Montreal and The Honorary Consulate in Halifax (exact addresses of voting polls locations in the provinces will be provided in a separate announcement).
For more information, please call the Embassy of Lebanon on (613) 236 5825 or send an email to
Ottawa, March 23,2018


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