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Christian Lebanese Canadian Association (CLCA)

The Christian Lebanese Canadian Association (CLCA) was established for the following purposes:

  • to promote and create an atmosphere of respect and collaboration between the members of the Victoria Lebanese-Canadian Association and the people of Canada.
  • to provide the members an opportunity  to gather and create the Lebanese spirit in their Community.
  • to strengthen the ties between the members and the people of Lebanon.
  • to encourage the participation of the members in economic, cultural, and tourist activities for the purpose of promoting the Lebanese Heritage to the members themselves and to the people of Canada.
  • to be committed to operate within the laws of Canada and to enhance the relations between Canada and Lebanon.
  • to help the new Lebanese immigrants, refugees, students, etc. to adopt to the new life in Canada.
  • to organize educational Programmes to teach the Lebanese language and folkloric dances.
  • to encourage the participation of all members in religious services according to our Eastern Church.