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LCS President Carla Zarifeh speech at the cultural reception of the International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant 2016

by WLCU Editor | Mar 16, 2016



Hello everyone,

My name is Carla Zarifeh  and I am the president of the Lebanese Canadian Society of BC.

I would like to welcome everyone for joining us here tonight especially our special  guests

  • Mrs Vi Smith (founder and LCS past president)
  • Wilf Ray founder and LCS past president
  • Clarence Shumas (Founder)


The Lebanese Canadian Society of BC as a C, in collaboration with the World Lebanese Cultural Union BC COUNCIL is constantly striving to promote the Lebanese culture and heritage. Today we begin the celebration of the International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant 2016.  We are very blessed to be living in such a diverse and multicultural country, Canada, however, we must never forget our roots!

As the Honorable Hedy Fry once wrote to the LCS: “Canada has been enriched in countless ways by the contribution of Canadians of Lebanese Heritage. Honoring and sharing that history helps strengthen our sense of community, and our appreciation of the efforts of the people who have made Canada the great country that it is today”

So tonight, we will share with you a few slideshows and presentations. They will certainly give you a taste of the Lebanese culture and heritage.

I would like to present my Board of Directors: call them

I will now ask Mayssoun, LCS board director to introduce the presentations

Mayssoun Al-Shami the MC of the presentations night.

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