World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

Le patrimoine libanais
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Volume 2015:

February Issue No.02
Lebanon is a Sunshine Mosaic of cultures
By: Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

January | Issue No.01

Let’s Bring Back our Trains
By Dr. Elias Maalouf

Volume 2014:

November/December | Issue No.10
Editorial of WLCU Regional President for North America (USA & Canada)
By Dr. Mohamed El-choum

October | Issue No.9

October 14th, 2014 was a historic day for the Lebanese diaspora community
By Dr. Akram Khater | Director, Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies 

August/September | Issue No.8 
Latin America Proves a Great Support for the Global Initiative Titled, “Lebanon: Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures”
By Dr. Nicholas Kahwaji | Member of the Steering Committee Lebanon Land of Dialogue Initiative (LDC) 

July | Issue No.7
The LDC Initiative is a unifying cause for all Lebanese who believe in Lebanon’s vocation
By  Edward J. Alam | Ph.D

June | Issue No.6
Lebanon : Awakening the Roots, Planting the Seeds
By Frida Anbar | M.Sc., International Relations Officer, Université de Montréal and Writer

May | Issue No.5
Lebanon is a source of wealth by its history, different religious communities, cultural heritage and geography.
Do not give up.
By Patricia P. Atallah | Editor-in-chief, - French section

April | Issue No.4
Commemorating the Lebanese on board of the Titanic

On the Trail of our Ancestors
By Dr Josyann AbiSaab

2014 Special Edition | Issue No.3
Commemorating the International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant

The International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant.
By Ambassador Nouhad Mahmoud  

February/March | Issue No.2
Expatriates and Social-Humanitarian Ties with Lebanon
By Dr Wissam Salamé |  Belgium

January | Issue No.1
Recognizing the work of more than 200,000 invisible women who care for our loved ones in the homeland
By Marie-José L. Tayah |  Ph.D. Candidate

Volume 2013:

November/December | Issue No.10
Passionate Love is a Quenchless Thirst
By Glen kalem | (Sydney, Australia)

October | Issue No.09
Our Heritage is an important part of our Identity
By Nazam Anhar | Editor of the Cedar World

August/September | Issue No.08
The Creation of the Latin American Center for Lebanese Studies
By Sergio Jalil | Founder of the Center

July | Issue No.07
Lebanon is great not because of its history and climate but because of its genuine and nice people!
By Ali H. Shami | Senior Manager at Boeing

June | Issue No.06
Let us work together to ensure a better, safer, and more secure world for future generations!
By Maria-Luisa Chávez | Chief UN DPI-NGO Relations

May | Issue No.05
THE WLCU - A Sailing Ship for the 12 Million Lebanese Who Live Abroad
By P.Eng. Charbell Letef | Co-founder of the WLCU-BC Council

April | Issue No.04
Lebanese Entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo: A Success Story of upward Social Mobility
By Dr. Elsa El Hachem-Kirby

February/March | Issue No.02/03
In every country wherever it is located, the Lebanese becomes a sincere citizen of that country.
By His excellency The Minister of Culture Gaby Layoun 

January  | Issue No.01
Towards a genuine partnership with the Lebanese Migration
By Amin Nehme | President | The Lebanese Development Network

Volume 2012:

December | Issue No.07

History of the Statue "El Emigrante Libanés"
By Carlos Matuk | Past President of Centro Libanes | Mexico

November | Issue No.06

To the Lebanese Across the Globe
By Felipe Bahamondes

October | Issue No.05

The small Website that became an International Center
By Salim Khalaf | PIRC Chief Executive Officer 

August/September | Special Issue - No.04 
Covering WLCU BC Council/PIRC Summer 2012 Activities
By Carlos G. Wagner | Professor of Ancient History at University Complutense and CEFYP President

July | Issue No.03
Small in size, the Lebanese community in British Colombia is impressive in its attachment to Lebanon
By Ambassador Massoud Maalouf

June | Issue No.02
To be really the children of true Lebanon

By Henry Zoughaib

May | Issue No.01
Announcement of first issue of the Lebanese Heritage Newsletter
By Henry Zarifeh | WLCU-BC Council President


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