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The Lebanese Heritage
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October 2012 - Volume 2012, No.05


The small Website that became an International Center

By Salim Khalaf, PIRC Chief Executive Officer
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I write this editorial to commemorate the three years anniversary for the establishment of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.  Herewith is a brief history of how the Center evolved from a very minor website to one that is known worldwide as a resource for everything Canaanite Phoenician and Punic on the international and domestic level with activities and presence worldwide.

Humble beginning was eye-opening experience  

More than eighteen years ago,  I started work on a website called “A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia -- Encyclopedia  Phoeniciana.” phoenicia.org. Throughout these years, I had maintained and supported this website out of my own personal funds.  I never accepted funding or  commercial sponsorship, because I wanted to keep the site free of influence by any commercial, political or religious interests. This gave my “pen” free range to express myself and publish  materials from contributing  authors without giving any consideration to my would-be sponsors. 

My initial plan was to  create a small Phoenician presence on the web, at a time when most of the sites  that covered Phoenician subjects were no where to be found. Like many endeavors, the project started with a few pages and was very humble in content. As I  researched the subject, I discovered how little I knew about my Phoenician ancestors. The  experience of finding more materials and delving into the depths of various  subjects about the Phoenicians was exciting and rewarding.  At the same time my reaching this conclusion angered me. Yes, I was angry with those who were responsible for education in my country of origin, Lebanon, and the casual and trivial  approach they took in teaching this history.   They failed to required a serious full history of the Phoenicians in the Lebanese national curricula, even on the college level.

After scratching the  surface of research into Phoenician history, I was in front of a serious  injustice that had been inflicted on the history of a great civilization. I  realized that too many people, on many levels of education and government in  Lebanon, failed miserably in making this history adequately available and a requirement in higher education. That may have been due to  political or religious biases, I can't be sure, but also as a result of ignorance of consecutive Lebanese administrations that approached this history with an  indifference, if not outright malevolence. The natural result, regardless of  the motives, was raising generations of Lebanese with faint knowledge of their forefathers.  Also, historians skewed that history as they catered lessons to kids in elementary stages of education and further marginalized and trivialized history of the Phoenicians.


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Story of the Month

Mrs Shaaneene George/Joseph on Titanic

Mrs George Joseph Whabee (Shawneene Abi-Saab)1, 38, the daughter of Thomas George Abi-Saab and Katoole Deeb Abi-Saab, was born in Thoum, Lebanon on Palm Sunday, March 29, 1874. (In Arabic, the name Shawneene means Palm Sunday.) According to Lebanese custom, when Shawneene married George Joseph Whabee, she took his first name as her last name and Whabee as the ‘family’ name (Shawneene George Whabee). When Shawneene’s family emigrated to America, they dropped Whabee and used George as their last name. Shawneene used the name‘Jenny’ when dealing with Americans.
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Quote of the Month

One of the most significant human efforts is aspiration to morality. Our inner stability and even existence is regulated by it. It is the morality of our deeds that adds beauty and dignity to our life. Albert Einstein


To Van Danha and Ruaa Chaba who got married June 30, 2012 in Saint georges Melkite Greek Catholic Mission (Father Maximos Basha) (See Photos)
To Brent Hayden and Nadina Zarifeh who got married August 1, 2012 in Lebanon.
(See Photos)

We wish them the best in their new life


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