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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

November 2012 - Volume 2012, No.06


To the Lebanese Across the Globe

By Felipe Bahamondes
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In loving memory of Carlos Abraham Milled I decided to write about him, to inform the Young Generations of Lebanese Descendants about a great man who for generations served the WLCU and the Lebanese Diaspora. When I first met Carlos Abraham in 1982 I was still in my last year of University. 36 years separated us, as I was just 26 and he had already reached 62 then. I went to his factory to finish a study for a governmental institution when he talked to me and asked what where my whereabouts. From that day on we never again stopped talking. Carlos was not an easy man. His convictions in the things he believed were right and the strength he put in defending them gained him more than a few enemies. None of his believes however were as strong as the one involving the liberty of Lebanon. Carlos was born in Chile, he visit Lebanon once only, he never learned the language (his dear friend Ismael Estephan was his translator and consultant) but he was the proudest lebanese you could meet, proud of his origin, his roots and his history which is the same as thousand of lebanese emigrants worldwide. Carlos was born in 1920, when the world was just starting to recover from the Great War soon to fall deeply into the 1929 Recession and ten years later into the Second World War. Harder times for Europe certainly than for Chile, but nonetheless times that forged the character of a man who got used to fight against adversity … and win. He had a “rough, coarse way of doing things and expressing his ideas, but his particular way of loving and caring for us gave me the values and strengths that are helping me overcome his lost” as his youngest son, Maximiliano, told me not long ago. Since 1985 he was actively involved with the WLCU and this close relationship lasted more than 20 years. He traveled to Montreal, to Boston, several times to Brazil, to Ecuador and Argentina, the Vatican and certainly also to Paris. When the WLCU had a convention, he was there. As Continental President he organized two or three congresses in Chile and every time he traveled the world to support the lebanese cause, he paid not only for his travel but also for the expenses of Ismael and all those who traveled with him. The chilean lebanese youth was also a central concern to Carlos. He helped support the university costs of several promising young lebanese descendants. His generosity towards his fellow lebanese knew no limit. Many said he spent a fortune supporting the cause. No other statement reflects better the true nature of his support. Carlos was a right man, very professional, a true leader who served the Diaspora and never used his position to promote himself, but used his skills and funds to promote the values of the WLCU. He believed in a strong institution that could speak only in the best interest of the Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon. The story of Carlos is a story of huge successes and most regrettably of deep falls. True, he lost everything he once had. Everything; money, properties and even most of his friends; everything except his optimism, his positive thinking and his courage. With 91 years of age he was still planning …. planning for the future
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Story of the Month

My Great-Grandfather Died On The Titanic by Dr. Josyann Abisaab

A Night to Remember… A personal account about my great-grandfather and the Titanic This Sunday, the 15th of April 2012, is the Centennial of the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic. Of the passengers aboard “the ship of dreams”, more than 1,500 perished, including Gerios Youssef Abi-Saab, my great-grandfather. Gerios, a native of the village of Thoum, in Northern Lebanon, left his wife and six children including Wehbe, my grandfather, who was five years old, hoping to provide a better life for his family by working in America. Lebanon, under Ottoman rule at the time, was struck by famine and poverty and religious tensions pervaded. Lebanese migration became widespread resulting in several waves of departures to faraway lands such as Australia, South America, Canada and the United States.
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Quote of the Month

Friendship, if a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it. Edgar Watson Howe


To Dr. Nick and Pascale Kahwaji for their 25 wedding anniversary (Silver jubilee).
The Divine Liturgy was celabrated by Fr. Archimandrite Maximos Basha and a Papal Blessing was Given to the Couple and a get together At the Church hall, with Pascale Cakes and Cookies and every one was happy for all the work done by them in helping the community (See Photos)
Best wishes


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