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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

April 2013 - Volume 2013, No.04


Lebanese Entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo: A Success Story of upward Social Mobility

By Dr. Elsa El Hachem-Kirby

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I grew up in Paris, having Irish and Lebanese roots. The history of Lebanon and Ireland throughout the last two centuries presents similarities. It is marked by large-scale migration often associated with lack of economic opportunities in the country. Today in both countries, at each economic crisis, emigration reflexes resurface. Emigration and immigration are therefore part of my family history.
A few years ago, while on a visit to Rio de Janeiro, my attention was drawn to a food-seller, wearing a white fabric covering his head evoking a Middle-Eastern style of dress. He was selling kibbe and sfiha. I found the familiarity of the local population with Lebanese food surprising. On further observation, I noticed that many shops and several streets had Lebanese names, in both Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo. On realising how successful this population appeared to be, I decided to carry out an in-depth study of the apparent success of this immigrant group.

The number of success-stories, synonymous with economic and social ascension among the Lebanese community in Brazil abound.  So much so that the story of the upward surge in social mobility experienced by Brazilians of Lebanese origin has imbedded the stereotypical image of the community in the collective consciousness of Brazilians at large. My doctoral thesis in Sociology entitled Lebanese Entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo:  upward Social Mobility presentedat the University of Sorbonne Paris in November 2012 investigated the factors leading to the success of this population in business and politics.

In Brazil today, there is a significant population of Lebanese origin. According to different sources, it is estimated at over 5 million (lack of precise statistics makes it difficult to get a more precise estimate). Sao Paulo represents their principal economic hub. It is a population formed by wages of migrants who came to Brazil in successive waves beginning around the end of the 19th century.  This group organises its own collective space as if it were a society onto itself, with its places of worship, associations, clubs, reviews and magazines and many other kinds of social organization.  The group set down roots in Brazil and its members diversified their areas of economic activity, investing in different sectors of the Brazilian economy.  Originally, this population had started out as peddlers and set up small petty commercial trading outlets and small family businesses. Today, enterprise still remains their engine of economic, social and political aspirations in Brazil.

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Dr. Elsa El Hachem-Kirby

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Quote of the Month


In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins... not through Strength but by Perseverance.


To the newly wed Fadi Murr and Karla Pederson, Fadi is the son of Ivette and Michel Murr our Honorary Council President.
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