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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

June 2012 - Volume 2012, No.02


To be really the children of true Lebanon

By Henry Zoughaib

Translated from original Arabic Text

That time when he entered the French Academy, Amin Maalouf: He brought his Lebanon along with him Because he was proud to be a son of Lebanon Which Lebanon? Not this Lebanon of political mosaic where his roosters (leaders) compete in the exchange of insults, accusations, political approaches and paper solutions; but the Lebanon of thought, literature, and civilization that Lebanese people cherish and the world stands of respect to it. This is the real Lebanon, the everlasting pearls deep in authenticity, not the evanescent froth that surfaces the waves. Our Lebanon, the people of this true Lebanon, is the honored residents (citizens) and the honorable diaspora. The Lebanese residents are working to endorse his image in tourism, culture, history, arts, and ingenuity in every field. The diaspora are working to spread the pearl of the East, small in size but great in value. Totally like a pearl is Lebanon. Can’t measure it geographically (geographically is tiny) and not demographically (citizens are few), but with its inventiveness (because his inventors are interminable in every field). Those who gathered around me two years ago at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) when unveiling the monument of Gibran Khalil Gibran, were too many. They did not come overwhelmed by the size of Lebanon but by the greatness of Gibran. They did not show up for the sake of this or that politician but came for the sake of this genius Gibran whose thoughts control today, the minds of millions of readers in the world. This is the real Lebanon. Lebanon of Gibran Khalil Gibran, George Shehadeh, Michael Dabaghi, and many more of the inventors who are the titles of the real Lebanon and and we are working by doing our best to stay, and continue their mission by carrying their torch from their generation, to our generation, and the generation after us. It is also, the Lebanon of the Lebanese, who are active and involved in their host communities in the four corners of the world, who work hard to make their way to a bright future, to live with dignity, to be loyal to their first homeland Lebanon and to be faithful to the country that embraces them (opens its arms for them), successful not necessarily in creativity, intellectual, scientific, artistic, or cultural work but what’s in their souls, conscientiousness, and hearts showing features of nobility, arrogance and pride,expressed in a word, gesture, action, profession and humanitarian achievement that benefits and services the community, reflecting the simple human values and perhaps showing another aspect of their eternal presence in the communities in which they live. Read more ...

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Story of the Month

Brent Hayden trains at the UBC Aquatic Centre in preperation for the Summer Olympics in London. The mission man, is also getting ready for his wedding in Lebanon the week after the Games
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Quote of the Month

The Roots of Character: Those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily life. They do not stir like leaves on a tree or follow the herd where it runs. In their mind remains the ideal attitude and conduct of living. This is not something given to them by others. It is their roots....it is a strength that exists deep within them.


To Judge Alain M. Ayache and Esquire Pascale Hajj Moussa for their newborn Charles Michel Antoine Ayache who was born On May 15th 2012 at 14H45. The baby boy and the mother are in good health. The Ayache and Hajj Moussa family thank all their friends and relatives for their support and loving messages.
To Rachelle Kahwaji for her Bachelor of applied sciences from university of British Columbia.
To Philip Chebaya for his  Bachelor of Nutritional  sciences from university of British Columbia.
To Melanie Kahwaji for her Grade 12 from Archbishop carney Secondary School Vancouver


Here, There and Yonder

  • Letter from Walid Maalouf, Former US Public Delegate to the UN and Former Director Public Diplomacy at USAID, to the Editor of The Lebanese Heritage
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  • Letter from Alfredo Miguel Afif to Dr. Nick Kahwaji (Past WLCU World Secreatry General)
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  • On the occasion of the historical visit to West Canada of his Beatitude Patriarch Bechara Rahi
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  • Titanic Memorial
    Lebanese emigrants on board of the Titanic memorial day by Guy Jones, Chairman of the Irish Lebanese Cultural Foundation

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  • The Mayor of Tibnine (a Village in South Lebanon) At Titanic Commemoration
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Culture & Multiculturalism

  • Lebanese novelist Amin Maalouf joins elite French Academy
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  • L'écrivain franco-libanais Amin Maalouf reçu jeudi à l'Académie Française
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  • Article about the Lebanese Painter Omar Ounsi.
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  • Bahjat Rizk et la quête de l'intime
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  • Announcing the 2012 Recipient of the Ameen Rihani Scholarship Read more ...
  • Lettres du Liban, ou le printemps des auteurs libanais à Paris
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Interviews & Profiles

  • Dean of Journalists and Veteran Politician Ghassan Tueni Dies
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  • ULCM France - Les publications riches et intéressantes de nos écrivains
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Economy in Lebanon

  • Lebanon this week - Issue 266 (Provided by Antoine Menassa President of HALFA)
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Lebanese Emigration

Roots and Wings

Various Publications

  • Discover one of the richest Lebanese Newsletter which is published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese
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  • Raff Ellis Newsletter - June 2012
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  • The Lebanese Emigration Research Center at Notre Dame University – Louaizé in cooperation with the Netherland Institute in Beirut has the pleasure of inviting you to a lecture entitled “Gentrification by Cappuccino: Ethnic Businesses and Cool Boutiques”
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WLCU Archives

  • Maurice Aouad speech
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  • One year after the inauguration of the statue of the Lebanese Ghanaian friendship the president of Ghana ordered to install in the presidential palace a picture of this Statue
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