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The Lebanese Heritage
From British Columbia to the world...

July 2012 - Volume 2012, No.03



By Ambassador Massoud Maalouf

Arabic Version

As Ambassador of Lebanon to Canada from 2007 to 2009, I had the chance to visit most of the Canadian provinces, including British Columbia. Vancouver and Victoria occupy a special place in my mind and my heart, not only because of the beauty of the landscape and its relative similarity to our beloved Lebanon, but also and especially because of its Lebanese community. Although small in size, the Lebanese community in British Colombia is impressive in its attachment to Lebanon and in the wide range of activities that it performs regularly to keep the Lebanese traditions alive and to honour their Lebanese heritage.

During my visits to British Columbia, I participated in the unveiling of the statue of the Lebanese emigrant, in cultural activities organized by the BC Chapter of the WLCU in cooperation with the Simon Fraser University, as well as in artistic performances and numerous events featuring our culture and our heritage. Today, I am proud that our indefatigable community in British Columbia has made a commitment to publish “The Lebanese Heritage” with the purpose of reaching out to the Lebanese emigrants throughout the world. The team in charge of this publication deserves our unwavering support since its goal is to display our rich and diversified culture and traditions, and to teach the youth of Lebanese origin the history, geography and language of Lebanon, and to make them proud of their heritage.

In addition to “The Lebanese Heritage” Publication, our community in British Columbia plans to undertake important and commendable activities including: a) launching of a worldwide committee to commemorate the 125 Lebanese who perished in the Titanic; b) planting Lebanese cedar trees on the grounds of the Simon Fraser University and throughout British Columbia and other provinces of Canada; c) granting scholarships to young Lebanese-Canadians.

I would like to sincerely congratulate those who have identified all of the foregoing initiatives which help bind the Lebanese community to its roots, and I wish “The Lebanese Heritage” great success in its endeavors to keep our emigrants in permanent touch with our Lebanese roots. May I finally seize this opportunity to extend, through “The Lebanese Heritage”, my best regards to our dear community in British Columbia and throughout the world.

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Quote of the Month

The Essence of Respect: Promises are only words until they are tested. It is when your best intentions meet hard reality that true character is revealed. Maintain your integrity in those difficult times and your word will gain a quiet strength that others will never doubt


To Ramona Chakib  Rammal and Salim Al Zarif for their engagement. The celebration was on the 30th of June 2012  in Beirut at the Zabad Restaurant with the presence of both families and friends. The big surprise came when the President of Ghana  Mr JJ Rowlings decided to make a quick private visit  to lebanon exclusively to be beside his friends, the Rammal Family and share their joy in such beautiful occasion. (See Photos)

Congratulations to the Fiancees.


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