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The Lebanese Heritage, a seasonal publication serving as the voice of the World Lebanese Cultural Union in the USA and Canada, is published out of Vancouver. The latest issue, dated spring 2001, is a commemorative issue dedicated ton the 40th anniversary of the WLCU. The English and Arabic language each take their turn in the bilingual publication,

In one article, seven specific reasons are laid out to explain emigration from Lebanon, From ancient times to modern, the following factors have played a part : geography, history, demography, religion, economics, education and politics,

Since the time of the Phoenicians, who traded by sea, Lebanese have always had reason to sail from their geographically vulnerable and politically unsettled country, Nonetheless, international organizations like the WLCU aim to bond Lebanese together outside the country and strengthen ties to the motherland,
Khalil Gibran was a famed Lebanese writer who published essays, poems and stories in both Arabic and English, Educated both in Lebanon and the West, he lived most of his life in New York, In a poem entitled " Your Lebanon and Mine," he wrote " Your Lebanon is a snarled political knot which time endeavors to untie / My Lebanon is a chain of knolls and mountains rising reverently and majestically toward the blue skies ".

Discussing multiculturalism in Lebanon, Dr Walid Phares, professor of Middle East Studies and Ethnic Conflict at Florida Atlantic University, argues that if Lebanon is perceived as multi-ethnic, then destructive tendencies arising out of claims by one group to represent a quantitative majority of the population would be diminished, He advocates co-existence based on a recognition of "qualitative " differences among the people, not 'quantitative 'differences, citing Canada as an example of such a practice.