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Early 1912: Lebanese Club of Vancouver

Early 1950: Lebanese Golf Club

Early 1960’s: Canadian – Lebanese Association changed to Lebanese – Canadian Association.

March 1965: Lebanese Canadian Society of British Columbia, 1965.(LCSBC)

Early 1995: Lebanese youth descent (LYD)

Fact …

Many Lebanese-Canadians seniors still refer to the present Lebanese Canadian society of BC as the Lebanese Club and that’s because in the early 1910’s, the first “association/ society” used to be called Lebanese Club of Vancouver.

Victoria, BC

Early 1983: Canadian Lebanese Christian association in Victoria (CLCA)

Nov 1995 : the 3 societies (LCSBC,CLCA,LYD) joint efforts and formed the World Lebanese Cultural Union - British Columbia Council

August 2005: WLCU - BCC became a registered Charitable organization under a Business Number: 82537 1149 RR0001.