WLCU | British Columbia Council

About us

The name of the society is the World Lebanese Cultural Union - British Columbia Council.

The purpose of the society is to:

  • Construct, improve, maintain, develop, and alter any building or land to establish a center for social and recreational purposes, which will primarily accomplish the following  objectives:
    • Provide information and services specifically related to health, education, legal aid, leisure, and problems affecting the elderly.
    • Operate as a drop in center that provides translation services to the public and the Lebanese elderly.
    • Act as an interpretation center for Lebanese landed immigrants.
  • Educate the Lebanese Canadians and the public about the Lebanese history, the Phoenician roots, and the old civilization through workshop, classes, and literature.
  • Offer grants, awards, or scholarships and bursaries, in accordance to a set of guidelines adopted by the council board of directors, to student of Lebanese descent who are enrolled in an accredited college, technical institute, or university.
  • Publish any newsletter, pages, periodicals, books or leaflets, DVDs, and administer a website that the council may deem desirable in furthering its objectives.
  • Educate the youths by providing programs which offer social awareness, counseling, and rehabilitation for drug related issues.
  • Undertake, establish, control, and carry out direct charitable activities in Lebanon with legal agreements between the council and existing charitable organizations in Lebanon for the purpose of providing financial assistance, equipment, and material to help the handicapped, orphan, and elderly population in Lebanon.
  • Operate as a charitable organization with the objective of occasional raising funds for donation purposes to further the objects of council consistent with the CCRA guidelines.
  • Obtain from the Canadian Federal, Provincial and/or Municipal Government any rights, privileges, concessions, grants, and financial assistance which are desirable to further the council’s objectives.
  • Receive and administer bequests, devices, gifts, and donations of every kind and description whatsoever that may be given to the society for the furtherance of its objectives.
Upon the dissolution or winding-up of the society, the net assets remaining after payment:
  • of all costs, charges and expenses properly incurred in the winding-up, including the remuneration of a liquidator;
  • to employees of any arrears of salaries or wages; and
  • of any other debts of the society,
  • shall be given or transferred to any society registered as a charitable society with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in BC. None of the assets shall at any time be available to or distributed amongst the members of the society and this paragraph three of the constitution cannot be altered or deleted in any manner by the members of the society.