World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

World Lebanese Cultural Union (Archives)

The Lebanese Heritage
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Volume 2016:

May/June Issue No.03 

The Lebanese Diaspora Village is a touristic and cultural project that includes the restoration of 12 ancient houses surrounding a central courtyard, cafe, museum and hotel.
By Norman Nahas


March/April Issue No.02 

The Lebanese Canadians That We Know Have Given Us a Very Favorable Impression Of Lebanon and Its People,
By Former premier Bill Vander Zalm.


January/February Issue No.01 

The British Columbia council Marks 20 years of success (1995- 2015),
By Dr Nick Kahwaji


Volume 2015:

November/December Issue No.08 

Resolution 2016: Nature’ Rights contribute to Human Rights
By Dr Alain-Michel Ayache

September/October Issue No.07 

Important matters that ideally should be considered in respect of any future dialogue
By Attorney Steve Stanton

July Issue No.06

Requesting UN support for attaining women’s rights in Lebanon
By Hana Rustom Archbold

June Issue No.05
A special day in Vancouver ,BC
By Dr Nick kahwaji

April May Issue No.04
by Dr John Ahmaranian

March Issue No.03
Identity and immigration: the Lebanese in Quebec
By Sari Madi, Ph.D. candidate

February Issue No.02
Lebanon is a Sunshine Mosaic of cultures
By: Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

January | Issue No.01

Let’s Bring Back our Trains
By Dr. Elias Maalouf

Volume 2014:

November/December | Issue No.10
Editorial of WLCU Regional President for North America (USA & Canada)
By Dr. Mohamed El-choum

October | Issue No.9

October 14th, 2014 was a historic day for the Lebanese diaspora community
By Dr. Akram Khater | Director, Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies 

August/September | Issue No.8 
Latin America Proves a Great Support for the Global Initiative Titled, “Lebanon: Land of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures”
By Dr. Nicholas Kahwaji | Member of the Steering Committee Lebanon Land of Dialogue Initiative (LDC) 

July | Issue No.7
The LDC Initiative is a unifying cause for all Lebanese who believe in Lebanon’s vocation
By  Edward J. Alam | Ph.D

June | Issue No.6
Lebanon : Awakening the Roots, Planting the Seeds
By Frida Anbar | M.Sc., International Relations Officer, Université de Montréal and Writer

May | Issue No.5
Lebanon is a source of wealth by its history, different religious communities, cultural heritage and geography.
Do not give up.
By Patricia P. Atallah | Editor-in-chief, - French section

April | Issue No.4
Commemorating the Lebanese on board of the Titanic

On the Trail of our Ancestors
By Dr Josyann AbiSaab

2014 Special Edition | Issue No.3
Commemorating the International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant

The International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant.
By Ambassador Nouhad Mahmoud  

February/March | Issue No.2
Expatriates and Social-Humanitarian Ties with Lebanon
By Dr Wissam Salamé |  Belgium

January | Issue No.1
Recognizing the work of more than 200,000 invisible women who care for our loved ones in the homeland
By Marie-José L. Tayah |  Ph.D. Candidate

Volume 2013:

November/December | Issue No.10
Passionate Love is a Quenchless Thirst
By Glen kalem | (Sydney, Australia)

October | Issue No.09
Our Heritage is an important part of our Identity
By Nazam Anhar | Editor of the Cedar World

August/September | Issue No.08
The Creation of the Latin American Center for Lebanese Studies
By Sergio Jalil | Founder of the Center

July | Issue No.07
Lebanon is great not because of its history and climate but because of its genuine and nice people!
By Ali H. Shami | Senior Manager at Boeing

June | Issue No.06
Let us work together to ensure a better, safer, and more secure world for future generations!
By Maria-Luisa Chávez | Chief UN DPI-NGO Relations

May | Issue No.05
THE WLCU - A Sailing Ship for the 12 Million Lebanese Who Live Abroad
By P.Eng. Charbell Letef | Co-founder of the WLCU-BC Council

April | Issue No.04
Lebanese Entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo: A Success Story of upward Social Mobility
By Dr. Elsa El Hachem-Kirby

February/March | Issue No.02/03
In every country wherever it is located, the Lebanese becomes a sincere citizen of that country.
By His excellency The Minister of Culture Gaby Layoun 

January  | Issue No.01
Towards a genuine partnership with the Lebanese Migration
By Amin Nehme | President | The Lebanese Development Network

Volume 2012:

December | Issue No.07

History of the Statue "El Emigrante Libanés"
By Carlos Matuk | Past President of Centro Libanes | Mexico

November | Issue No.06

To the Lebanese Across the Globe
By Felipe Bahamondes

October | Issue No.05

The small Website that became an International Center
By Salim Khalaf | PIRC Chief Executive Officer 

August/September | Special Issue - No.04 
Covering WLCU BC Council/PIRC Summer 2012 Activities
By Carlos G. Wagner | Professor of Ancient History at University Complutense and CEFYP President

July | Issue No.03
Small in size, the Lebanese community in British Colombia is impressive in its attachment to Lebanon
By Ambassador Massoud Maalouf

June | Issue No.02
To be really the children of true Lebanon

By Henry Zoughaib

May | Issue No.01
Announcement of first issue of the Lebanese Heritage Newsletter
By Henry Zarifeh | WLCU-BC Council President


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